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VitalSkin Dermatology Launches Employee Assistance Program

May 4, 2022

Adam Lueken


Here at VitalSkin, taking care of our own is very important to us. That’s why in addition to our standard benefits package we offer team members (health, dental, vision, 401k, etc.), we strive to identify other resources that would be valuable additions.

This month, we launched our latest addition to our benefits – the VitalSkin Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Traditionally, EAPs have assisted employees with issues like alcohol or substance abuse. Now though, most cover a broader range of issues such as child or elder care, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems and other wellness matters. Programs are typically delivered at no cost to employees by stand-alone EAP vendors or providers who are part of comprehensive health insurance plans. Services are often delivered via phone, video-based counseling, online chatting, e-mail interactions or face-to-face.

Similarly, VitalSkin’s EAP gives all team members access to a variety of helpful tools, resources and support for things like locating childcare, college planning for children, financial planning, legal needs/questions, work/life balance, mental health counseling and more. And not only is the program available to all VitalSkin team members at no extra cost, but it’s also available to all their family members.

We’ve partnered with Chicago-based Perspectives, Ltd. to administer this EAP. Perspectives is a highly-respected organization dedicated to providing team members and their family members assistance with issues in everyday living. The organization helps individuals, teams and organizations thrive, by providing counseling and psychotherapy services, a robust employee assistance program (EAP) and organizational consulting. Perspectives is powered by highly-credentialed and experienced counselors, consultants, coaches and trainers.

When you choose to partner with VitalSkin, whether you are a doctor, clinical professional or administrative professional, you can always expect to have access to ideal support and resources at all times. The EAP is just another example of our commitment to creating the best working environment possible and helping all members of the VitalSkin family live their best lives.

Visit our affiliation and careers pages for more information on joining the VitalSkin family.



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