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The VitalSkin Difference

At VitalSkin, we’ve created a different kind of practice management organization – one that’s built from the ground up to help dermatologists design exactly what they want their practices, careers and lifestyles to look like. We do this by aligning with their unique needs and aspirations. We know that’s the best way to create individualized, long-term plans for success.

Our Team

Our leadership team is comprised of some of the most successful dermatologists in the country as well as accomplished business professionals and experts.

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Mission and Values

Our mission and values are integral to everything we do as an organization and are exemplified by all our leaders, supported doctors and team members.

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With our comprehensive suite of practice management services, we can help dermatologists focus on patient care and reduce their administrative headaches.

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Dermatology is Changing

As today’s $14 billion+ dermatology market continues to grow, our long-term focus and permanent capital gives us a clear opportunity to partner with practice owners and offer new ways to help them grow and prosper.

More hands are needed.

The demand for dermatology is growing faster than the number of new dermatologists, creating a widening need for better access to high-quality.


Expert operational partners are needed.

From electronic health records to new practice technologies, insurance reimbursement and navigating emerging Medicare reimbursement rules, running a successful dermatology practice is becoming more complex and time consuming.


Practice needs are changing.

44% of dermatologists are 55 years or older, and new dermatologists report no longer wanting to be sole practitioners.


Telemedicine and artificial intelligence needs have increased.

In experienced hands, these emerging technologies will enhance patient access and reduce supervision risks for dermatologists.


Affiliation Opportunities

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Career Opportunities

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Ideal Affiliation Opportunities

If you are a practice owner, we know the challenges that come with running a business while providing world-class care. Perhaps you want more time to spend on patient care and your personal lives without the headaches of day-to-day administrative duties? Or maybe you want to start creating an exit strategy? No matter what your goals are, we will partner with you to make them a reality. VitalSkin isn’t private equity (PE). So unlike traditional PE-backed companies, we don’t operate with the kind of short-term, three-to-five-year investment horizon that can create volatility or unpredictable circumstances for your business. Instead, our financial strength lets us take a long-term outlook, focusing on 10+ year partnerships. Along with maximizing financial stability, this enables ongoing support, creates attractive financial potential for dermatologists and ensures consistency in leadership and policies.

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VitalSkin Dermatology

Our long-term, 10+ year partnership creates a dependable environment

Focused on creating value, stable leadership, and consistent policies- enabling a laser focus on physician and practice success

Physicians are partners and Valued experts

Personal and clinical autonomy

Physician-partners determine the clinical decisions of their practice and manage their own schedules

Physician partners share

In practice profits and company success

Traditional Private Equity

Short-term, 3-5 year investment horizon

gives rise to short term management decisions that can run contrary to the long-term needs of the practice

Physicians are employees

Minimal personal autonomy

limited independence

Physician compensation

Profit sharing is limited in most PE models

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Ideal Career Opportunities

Not only do we partner with practice owners – we are always on the lookout for like-minded dermatologists, providers and professionals looking for the right opportunity. If you’re just starting out or already have years of success, we can offer the autonomy, stability and profitability you want, including:

  • Growing your practice and yourself, without the risks and headaches that go hand in hand with ownership.
  • Maximizing your earning potential with VitalSkin’s Path to Partnership.
  • Expert business leadership and support services.
  • Practicing with some of the most successful dermatologists in the country.
  • A state-of-the-art facility with cutting edge technology, including Modernizing Medicine® – a top-ranked, specialty-specific EHR and engagement tool.
  • A highly-trained team of advanced practice providers and aestheticians.

Opportunities aren’t limited to just doctors and providers. If you’re a clinical team member or business professional, we’re always on the lookout for the right people to join the VitalSkin family.

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Do What You Love. We’ll Manage the Rest.

We know that when dermatologists can spend more time on care and less on administrative work, everyone benefits – you, your team and your patients. Here are just a few of the things we can take off your to-do list:


Practice manager and office support team


Business development and provider recruiting


Human Resources




Regulatory Compliance


Supply Chain Management


Facilities Management


Information Technology




Revenue Cycle Management

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