Dermatologist First.

We’re a world-class dermatology and aesthetics practice management organization, built from the ground up to help physicians grow and prosper.

At VitalSkin, we could have defined our core customer as the shareholders, the patients, the employees, the communities we serve, etc. But we believe serving dermatologists first frees you to provide the best care to your patients.

Our strategy is built on the answers to these three questions:

What can we be best in the world at?
Aligning with OUR DOCTORS.
What are we passionate about?
Supporting OUR DOCTORS.
What drives our economic model?
At the core of our strategy is you—the dermatologist.
Our Values
As a company and as individuals, we serve our partner physicians everyday by:
Have fun.
We celebrate success and failure, we find humor in our daily lives, we create a fun atmosphere, and we enjoy being together.
Being resilient.
We expect the unexpected, we embrace the need to change, we are optimistic and grateful, and we are focused on our mission and vision.
Being courageous.
We are not afraid to be vulnerable, we have ideological debates, we rise to the challenge, facing problems head-on, and we make the tough decisions.
Being a team.
We care for one another and build each other up, we embrace diversity and inclusion, we collaborate, and we serve one another – forming a strong family bond.
Being accountable.
We strive to provide value everyday; we use data to continually improve, we continually prioritize competing priorities, and we deliver exceptional results.
Being entrepreneurial.
We have an owner’s mentality, we set high goals, we strive to be a leader in our industry, and we manage our business and financial risk.
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