Strong for
the Long Run
We support the long-term growth of our physician partners by combining world-class, scalable practice management resources and experience with stable, long-term, permanent capital.
Aligned for
Our family-based approach puts dermatologists at the center of everything we do and provides a network of like-minded people with whom to collaborate and grow.
Growth with
By using stable capital and taking a long-term investment approach, VitalSkin is a reliable partner for physicians, management, and employees.
Freedom to
VitalSkin minimizes operational aggravations, allowing dermatologists the time to focus on patient care and practice growth – in whatever balance they choose.

VitalSkin is built from the ground up to align with your clinical, financial, and lifestyle goals.

Explore our path to a new kind of dermatology practice.


Selling Your
Dermatology Practice.

With our years of experience in operating medical practices and health systems, we know there’s no ‘best’ way to sell your practice. It’s a big decision; and we understand you’re entering unfamiliar territory. That’s why our approach to help you make a good decision is to provide answers and access to take some of the mystery out of a very big life decision.

Access to the leaders and decision-makers who will be your future practice management partners is also important. Our senior leadership is available to talk about the selling process, but more importantly, your practice goals and whether VitalSkin Dermatology is the right partner for you.

Learn More about Selling Your Practice.

Free Guide to Selling

Start by getting answers and information about the process, metrics, and terminology of selling your practice by downloading our free guide titled A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Practice. Fill out the form below to download the guide.

News & Information
A & G Dermatology Associates Joins Dermatology + Aesthetics Brand
Sep 28, 2021 by Adam Lueken
We’re excited to announce that Ron Berne, MD and his team at A & G Dermatology Associates are now part of the Dermatology + Aesthetics team. As such, they have changed their name and branding to Dermatology + Aesthetics. “It’s great to be a part of D+A and VitalSkin Dermatology,” Dr. Berne said. “Both are…
Selling Skin Care Products in Your Practice
Sep 22, 2021 by Adam Lueken
Many of today’s most successful dermatology practices not only provide world-class medical and cosmetic care, but offer world-class skin care products to their clientele as well, whether in-office, online or both. This can help boost a practice’s financial production, patient satisfaction and standing as a community leader in skin care. But product sales can add…
Keeping Patients Informed and Safe with Sunscreen Recalls
Sep 14, 2021 by Adam Lueken
As you may have seen in the news, there have been a number of stories and announcements about sunscreen recalls and specific products being called out. We know the health and safety of your patients is very important, so here is some additional information about what’s happening and how you can help your patients stay…