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Cultivate Your Doctor Referral Network

June 21, 2024

Adam Lueken

Building a successful dermatology practice requires not only providing exceptional patient care but also establishing strong relationships with other healthcare professionals. Doctor referrals play a crucial role in expanding your patient base and enhancing your reputation within the medical community.

Likely, you already have a referral plan in place and receive a steady amount. But if you aren’t building these relationships with other providers or would like to increase your number of referrals coming in, there are actions you can take.

Be a Good Neighbor

What other doctors are nearby in your community? Find out and introduce yourself if you haven’t. Building these relationships can have a great impact on your number of referrals. If a new medical clinic or practice opens up near you or in your town, this is a great opportunity to make a good first impression. Just starting out, they probably don’t have an existing referral network, so getting your foot in the door early can mean a valuable referral relationship for both parties going forward.

Go Social

Chances are, you’re already using social media to market your practice to potential patients, but are you using it to connect with potential referral sources? Other doctors and practices in your community are most likely on Facebook, Instagram, etc., so use these as connection channels too. LinkedIn is even more appropriate for making professional connections, and has specialty groups and forums for medical professionals.

Communicate Your Expertise

Educating other doctors about your specific areas of expertise in dermatology is vital for receiving referrals. Regularly communicate updates about new treatment options, advancements in technology, and successful patient outcomes to the medical community. Consider hosting educational seminars, workshops or webinars to share your knowledge. By positioning yourself as an expert, you inspire confidence and encourage other physicians to entrust their patients’ dermatological needs to your practice.

Reach Out to all Types of Clinical Professionals

Primary care providers are probably one of your largest sources of referrals. As general doctors, they may come across skin issues they’re not able to handle and refer patients out to dermatologists. But you don’t have to rely solely on general practitioners. Any doctor in any medical field may be a potential referral source. Perhaps a patient will mention how they would like cosmetic dermatology to go along with their cosmetic dentistry when at the dentist? These situations will be less prevalent than your typical general doctor referrals, but they still happen. So why not reach out to all these other doctors and specialists in your area and cover all your bases?

It’s still important to build new referral relationships with doctors and medical professionals who share the same values and philosophies of care. Otherwise, issues with patient expectations and satisfaction may occur. If a patient is used to a type of care from their primary provider, they’ll likely expect to receive that same type of care if referred to you. If that doesn’t match with your values and approach to care, they may not become a regular patient and might leave you poor reviews.

Connect at Professional Events

Whether you’re a guest or a speaker, professional events can be great opportunities to connect with other colleagues. If you’re presenting at the event, even better. This will give you the chance to show your dermatology or specialty expertise first-hand to the entire audience.

Follow-Up and Show Gratitude

Expressing gratitude to doctors who refer patients to your practice is essential in maintaining these relationships. Send personalized thank-you notes or emails to express your appreciation for their trust in your abilities. Provide timely and detailed feedback on the progress of referred patients, ensuring that referring doctors feel involved in their patients’ care. By demonstrating your gratitude and professionalism, you encourage doctors to continue referring patients to your dermatology practice.

Acquiring doctor referrals is a vital component of growing a thriving dermatology practice. By nurturing personal connections, communicating your expertise, offering consultations, fostering referral partnerships, enhancing your online presence, providing exceptional patient care, and showing gratitude, you can establish a network of trusted doctors who will refer their patients to your practice.

Looking for help with building your referral network and community presence? We’re always a phone call or click away to support your needs. Schedule a consultation with one of our practice management experts today.



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