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How Skin Care Rewards Programs Can Benefit Your Patients (and Your Practice)

February 22, 2023

Adam Lueken

For many years, customer rewards programs have existed in a variety of industries, with more and more companies developing or implementing rewards programs each year. Contemporary examples include Starbucks’ rewards program where you earn “stars” by purchasing products, which can then be collected and redeemed for free Starbucks products. Another is Amazon Prime’s rewards program for purchasing products through its e-commerce site. Those are just two of many other examples, all aimed at incentivizing customers to keep coming back.

These have been shown to be helpful in building customer loyalty. As the life cycle of a rewards program progresses, customers continue purchasing products, try new products and bring in new customers through referrals. Dermatology has been no different, specifically in the cosmetic and skincare product realm. There are a number of loyalty/rewards programs from different aesthetic product companies now accessible to consumers. And many dermatology and aesthetic practices are partnering with these programs, so patients can “earn points,” etc. when purchasing those products in-office.

These partnerships can be beneficial for the practice and the company running the rewards program, giving practices the chance to help patients save on skincare products while increasing their own revenue or even patient base. If you offer cosmetic products in your practice, do you partner with external rewards programs or if not, are you considering it? If you are thinking about it, here are a few of examples of current rewards programs.


Created by Allergan Aesthetics, this program was originally Brilliant Distinctions® before becoming Allé. It was also the first of its kind to exist. This program allows participants to earn points when purchasing Allergan Aesthetic products or services, such as BOTOX® or CoolSculpting®. Those points can then be applied to those same Allergan Aesthetics treatments. Allé will also send participants offers and promotions on aesthetic treatments they’re interested in or new services available. In addition, Allé also helps participants find licensed providers of these treatments around their areas.

ASPIRE Galderma Rewards

Similarly, the ASPIRE Galderma Rewards program allows participants to earn points when purchasing Galderma products or ASPIRE partner brands, which can be redeemed to save money on those products and services. These include Restylane®, Sculptra® and Dysport® products. Participants can also earn additional points for referrals and can search for providers and specialists directly on the ASPIRE Galderma Rewards website and mobile app.

In addition to those popular options, many dermatology practices now design and implement their own customized rewards program. These can reflect a similar setup to external reward programs, with points earned from purchasing a select service or a certain amount of care from your practice. For example, earn five points for every $50 spent on skincare products or five points for every $100 spent on injectables or laser therapy. Then for every 200 points earned, those can be redeemed for $25 off all skincare products or aesthetic services. What services are included and what discounts are offered can be customized to your liking and practice situation.

If creating a rewards program, it’s best to base it on long-term loyalty rather than short-term giveaways. The goal should be to develop a system that continually educates patients about loyalty rewards and motivates them to participate. Achieving sustainable loyalty, measured in years, requires a strategic and sustainable approach.

As discussed, there are many upsides to both partnering with external rewards programs and developing your own. By participating and promoting the Alle and ASPIRE Galderma Rewards (if you offer those services and products), you can draw in even more patients looking to earn points. Plus, those participants will be able to search for your practice through Alle and ASPIRE when looking for a provider near them. With your own, you can create a customized program that fits well with your practice and types of services, while building patient loyalty.

Want to get involved with rewards programs or develop your own, but don’t have the capacity and resources to get involved? We’re here to support you. Schedule a consultation with one of our practice management experts today!



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