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VitalSkin Dermatology Partners with Klara for Patient Engagement

May 25, 2022

Adam Lueken


Here at VitalSkin, helping practices continually give patients more convenient options for scheduling and managing their care is always on our minds. This is especially important in today’s healthcare world. People are already using digital engagement tools in many other aspects of their lives for managing finances, paying bills, ordering food and groceries, and more. They want and expect that same level of convenience and accessibility with their healthcare.

To drive patient convenience, communication and engagement even further, we’re partnering with Klara – an end-to-end virtual care platform that helps healthcare providers stay connected with their patients. We will be rolling Klara out to supported practices throughout the rest of 2022.

Founded in 2013, Klara makes it easy for healthcare providers to securely communicate with patients and with each other, without worrying about HIPAA compliance or losing track of patient information. Klara has been proven to increase patient satisfaction and reduce time spent on administrative work.

Healthcare providers across more than 40 specialties use Klara to advance patient experiences while saving time by improving their own administrative workflows. The average practice using Klara sees a patient adoption rate of more than 80% (which is three times the adoption rate of patient portals and emails). Founded by Simon Bolz and Simon Lorenz, Klara has been named the winner of Silicon Valley’s Health 2.0 Award, as well as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine.

With Klara, VitalSkin-supported practices will have the ability to send electronic appointment reminders and other communication materials. In addition, patients will have the ability to self-schedule their appointments online and manage their care without having to call. This will alleviate many of the administrative responsibilities that supported practices have to deal with and open up more time for patient care. And for patients, this means an easier, more convenient experience for getting the medical and cosmetic care they want.

Looking for support with your patient engagement and other non-clinical areas? We’re always a phone call or click away to support your needs. Schedule a consultation with one of our practice management experts today!



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